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Articles and resources about doing business in Indonesia.


How to Calculate Custom Duty and Import Tax in Indonesia

According to OEC Indonesia imported $178B worth of goods, making Indonesia the 27th largest importer in the world. This article will provide you insights on how to calculate import tax in Indonesia and what are the prerequisites of becoming an importer. If you want to import faster or don’t want to establish an import company […]


Doing Business Comparison Between Indonesia and Vietnam

Indonesia and Vietnam are both among the fastest growing economies in the world. Besides being part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and APEC, they both have large and rapidly growing populations and many other similarities. Many international investors have found Indonesia and Vietnam an attractive destination, improving ranking of both countries on […]


Health Food Supplement Registration in Indonesia

An increasing awareness of preventive health measures has created a larger demand for a variety of health food supplements in Indonesia, leading to opportunities for manufacturers to enter health food supplement sector in the country. Health supplement registration in Indonesia is regulated by the National Agency for Drug and Food (BPOM) that claims the health […]


Halal Certification Registration in Indonesia

Halal industry in Indonesia is booming in recent years, thus companies’ demand in halal certification registration in Indonesia has also changed considerably. Alongside with the national aim to make Indonesia as the world halal hub, the industry is gaining its popularity day by day and opens up opportunities to halal product producers to expand their […]


Medical Devices Registration in Indonesia

Indonesia ranks as the 13th most attractive market for commercialising medical devices in the Asia’s Pacific region, and as the emerging market for medical devices, it is highly recommended for foreign investors to enter the market today by using a suitable agent/ distributor to help with their medical devices registration in Indonesia. For foreign companies […]


Investing in Hydro and Solar Power in Indonesia

Indonesia’s current principal electricity generation capacity is around 53.6 GW/ Gigawatt (53,600 MW) and is currently targeting to have an additional 35 GW (35,000 MW) of capacity over the next five years. Such massive growth is attracting both local and foreign investors to invest in both traditional and renewable energy production. In this article, we […]


Undername Import: Importing Goods to Indonesia without Licenses and Incorporating

Opening an import company in Indonesia can take four to five months or even longer. And having import license is required for even very small shipments. If you don’t want to wait for that long or cannot / don’t want to meet all the import company requirements there are  good news though – in this […]


Opening a Construction Company in Indonesia

Latest changes to the Negative Investment List revised how foreign investors can open a construction company in Indonesia. There are two ways in opening a construction company in Indonesia – by establishing a limited liability company (PT PMA) or via Foreign Construction Service Representative Office (BUJKA).


Establishing E-commerce company in Indonesia

Starting an E-commerce company in Indonesia used to be in a legal grey area. Despite the uncertainty, e-commerce has been a very popular industry among both local and foreign companies. In May 2016, Indonesia finally liberalised portions of the foreign ownership on E-commerce companies under the terms of its agreement with the DNI (Negative Investment List), […]


Compliance in Indonesia

There are various regulations that a company must follow in order to ensure that their compliance in Indonesia is done correctly. The key areas foreign owned businesses must follow in terms of compliance are tax reporting, investment reporting and BPJS programs.