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Diligent and detailed, could improve internal communication

The team carries out its work diligently with detailed information given. However, internal teamwork has some room for improvement as it sometimes takes a bit of time to receive the requested information. Anyhow, they are professional and carry out every project we assign to them.

Jim Ong
Finance Department,

All the candidates were top quality

Recruitment services are great with thorough screening, shortlisting and clear detail provided. All the candidates were of top quality.
Room for improvement would be electronic tracking via a Database/HRIS system and computer-based recruitment, psychometric and knowledge testing

Eddie Te Paa

One of the best teams to open a rep office

I am highly impressed with the impeccable services given by Emerhub and would recommend others as well to try Emerhub. We opened a Rep Office in Jakarta through Emerhub and without their guidance and support the work would not have got done. They have one of the best teams to handle given work.

Rudal Challia
Silk Land Trading

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