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Helped to set up my first company in Vietnam

I really like and appreciated the support and help from Ms. Uyen and the team. The responses were fast and clear and helped me to set up my first company in Vietna,

Jasmine Chau

Great service and nice attitude

Great service and nice attitude, I appreciate the assistance.

Ruonan Koh

The experience was better than expected

I appreciate the excellent service the consultants Saman and Aisyah provided to our company. Their attention to detail, great communication skills, and professional advice really made the experience even better than I expected. Thank you.

Chai Li

Hiring A Virtual Assistant in Asia

There are many advantages to hiring a virtual assistant. Here’s how you can hire a virtual assistant from Asia.

Remote-first company: here’s why to run your business as if you don’t have an office

What does it mean to be a remote-first company? Learn about the remote-first approach, its many benefits, and how to manage a remote-first company.

Six steps to onboarding remote software developers

Successfully onboarding remote employees is a challenging task. Learn how to onboard remote software developers to help them become productive and effective members of your team.

What business opportunities will the end of the Coronavirus create in emerging markets

With an ongoing global crisis, it is important to know how to cater to your customers and clients and how to plan for the future.

Staff Augmentation: A lean way to enter emerging markets

Learn how to use dedicated outsourced teams to test new markets faster.

How to work remotely and thrive in the world’s hottest digital nomad destination: South East Asia

Working remotely from Southeast Asia while your company is 16 timezones away may sound exciting but comes with its own challenges.

Why It’s Time Companies In Southeast Asia Start Embracing Corporate Transparency

One would think that being a youthful and digitized market, transparency in Southeast Asia is a rising trend. But, old habits are hard to break.

The Rise of Outsourcing in Southeast Asia

Outsourcing in Southeast Asia is no longer just about saving costs by sending business processes overseas. Here’s what you must know before outsourcing in SEA and operating a remote business.

Celebrating Eight Years of Doing Business In Asia

Emerhub is celebrating our anniversary! Having been in business since 2011, here is how our two co-founders see the future of business in Southeast Asia.

Who Are the Investors in Top Fintech Companies in Southeast Asia?

Financial technology, or colloquially referred to as “fintech,” is one of the fastest-growing industries in Southeast Asia’s booming technology sector. Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines are emerging players. In this article, you will see an overview of some of the top fintech companies in Southeast Asia, including their key shareholders and investors. You will also see […]