Hire, pay, and manage your team with Emerhub’s Employer of Record in Bali

Use Emerhub as your Employer of Record to manage your HR operations in Bali while you focus on growing your business

Over 800 employees hired via Emerhub’s Employer of Record services

Hiring and Managing top talent from Bali made simple with Emerhub

Your HR and Payroll team in Bali
As your Employer of Record in Bali, Emerhub handles all aspects of human resources and finances, including salary computation, disbursements, and the withholding and remitting of social contributions and taxes.
Hire employees without entity establishment
Easily hire skilled resources from Bali and test the market without going through the tedious process of company formation
Retain your employees
Keep skilled employees working for you for longer – turn your talented freelancers into permanent employees by providing them employment benefits and local support
Employment contracts
Emerhub will draft the employment contracts for your project-based and permanent employees
Local Employment Benefits
Our services include access to local healthcare and laptop acquisitions to ensure the security of your employees
Pay One monthly invoice
Avoid multiple transactions, bank charges, and taxes as Emerhub will take care of all monthly disbursements of salaries and you only have to pay one monthly invoice.

An all-in-one app to hire and manage employees across Southeast Asia

employer of record philippines app

Open new vacancies

Create new job openings on the go, or speak to an Emerhub Consultant to discuss your requirements

employer of record philippines app

Shortlist and Hire sourced candidates

View candidates for your job posting; sourced and shortlisted by the Emerhub Team.

employer of record philippines app

Onboard and manage employees

Streamline the hiring process from placing an offer to onboarding, and manage your employee affairs on the app.

Why hire from Bali with an Employer of Record

Low-cost salaries

Salaries in Bali are lower than those of affluent countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia, and Singapore.

Younger talent pool with high English proficiency

Bali has a comparatively younger talent pool with a higher level of English proficiency.

Booming Economy

With the world’s 4th largest population, Bali boasts the most developed economy in Southeast Asia, with 44% of it centered around the service sector

Major infrastructure development

Bali has developed its infrastructure in recent years, and high-speed internet and 4G mobile access are widely available.

employer of record in the philippines

From Sourcing talent to hiring the right candidates, the EOR process takes an average of 10 days

How does Emerhub’s Employer of Record service work in Bali?


Send us information about the employee you are interested in hiring (could be an existing employee you want to put on our payroll) or the job description of a vacancy you want us to source talent for.


Emerhub HR Consultants source and screen candidates for your job vacancy.


Emerhub signs employment contracts with your employees and charges you a monthly service fee which is 10% of the gross salary for the given role.


Your employees become your in-house employees as soon as they begin working for you. Emerhub serves as the local HR department, handling payrolls, reporting taxes, and answering all employment inquiries.


Manage your staff via the Emerhub EOR App

Emerhub is a market entry and HR services organization with a 10+ year history of delivering success in emerging markets


All-in-one services: We offer a full range of services from recruitment and EOR to corporate secretarial services.

Convenience: A web app to easily open new vacancies and manage your existing employees.

Fastest Setup: Onboard your expert team within weeks.

Cost-effective: Highly competitive prices, the cost of an EOR employee starts from 150 USD/mo.

In-house teams: We do everything in-house in Bali instead of outsourcing work to third parties.

Future prospects: We convert your remote team into a company once it grows bigger (if needed) 

Client Testimonials

The Emerhub team is such a pleasure to work with. They understand what we need as a business and provided us with recommendations that are tailored to our needs.

David Catindoy – Sleeq Global

Emerhub has been our HR partner since May 2021 and they have provided exemplary support to our growing start-up business. They have made the process of hiring local Filipino talent much more seamless and headache-free.

Meira Chua – Kaliber

Our consultant at Emerhub was able to provide recommendations based on a specific case to ensure that we were fully covered legally.

Tracey Scheffler– A home work solution

Frequently Asked Questions

All invoices are billed in Indonesian Rupiah. However, if you wish to pay using USD, a fixed exchange rate will be set at the time of signing the contract, which will last for 1 year.

Emerhub will only bill you once a month! This is a benefit of using EOR services. You do not have to track multiple payroll disbursments or tax payments on your own.

An HMO is a Health Management Organization, which is a 3rd party company used to manage insurance for your employees. As the employer of record, Emerhub uses 3rd party HMOs to give health insurance to your team members in Bali, in accordance with local law.

Depending on the job role, and how many candidates are shortlisted, the onboarding time can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks.

No, there are no setup fees involved in getting started with Emerhub. Your first invoice will be raised on the successful onboarding of new employees, or the monthly management of their payroll.

While all employment can start with a limited probation period, the minimum contract length for employees in Bali is 1 year.

If you wish to terminate and employee, you will have to provide an incident report and an employee-acknowledged performance evaluation to Emerhub. Our HR consultants can assist you in this process as well.

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