Tax Reporting for Individuals in Bali

Individuals earning income in Indonesia must report and pay their personal income tax. Emerhub offers an easy solution for tax reporting for individuals in Bali.

Personal Income Tax

All individuals residing in Bali must report their income, assets, and liabilities in Indonesia and abroad. This includes foreigners with temporary stay permits (KITAS).

Taxable income includes the income derived from the following:

  • Occupation or employment
  • Severance pay 
  • Pension fund

Tax rates vary depending on the source of your income and the amount.

Note that foreigners must have an appropriate KITAS if they intend to generate income in Bali. Foreigners without proper KITAS cannot earn income in Bali.

Non-taxable Income

Taxpayers must also report non-taxable income. This includes inheritances and insurance payouts, among others. Income from pension fund payments or severance pay is non-taxable if it falls below the taxable income threshold.

Tax Reporting by Emerhub

Emerhub offers services to help you maintain compliance with tax regulations in Bali. Our expert accountants will make sure your tax reports are complete and accurate. We will also assist you with any tax concerns you may have.

When you avail of our tax and accounting services, we will help you with the following:

  • Registration for tax filing
  • Calculating your taxable income
  • Preparing and submitting your tax report
  • Payment of taxes

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