Withholding Tax Computation in Bali

In Indonesia, taxpayers must withhold taxes when conducting certain transactions. Emerhub will help you determine and compute withholding taxes in Bali.

Withholding Tax in Bali

There are different kinds of payments on which you must withhold taxes. The tax rate also varies depending on the type of payment.

Examples of payments on which there are withholding taxes among others:

  • Fees for certain services (ex. Technical, management, consulting, etc.)
  • Rental and other fees for the use of property
  • Royalties

Payments to non-residents on which there are withholding taxes include the following among others:

  • Sale or transfer of certain assets
  • Any payment to a non-resident recipient (except for the purchase of goods)
  • Sale of shares of a non-listed listed company

Computing Withholding Taxes with Emerhub

Emerhub offers a range of tax services in Bali so you can comply with Indonesia’s tax regulations. Our accounting team will guide and advise you regarding transactions on which there are withholding taxes.

Emerhub’s accounting team will do the following for you:

  • Determining and calculating withholding taxes on your transactions
  • Calculating your personal income tax
  • Calculating your company’s corporate income tax
  • Preparing and submitting tax reports on your behalf
  • Paying your taxes on your behalf

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