Second Home Visa

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The Second Home Visa differs from the Business Visa and Visa on Arrival in many key components.

Purpose of stay

The second home visa allows a long-term stay in Indonesia for the purpose of investing in property or starting a business, while other visa types may have different purposes such as tourism or visiting family.

Eligibility requirement

Eligibility for the second home visa requires meeting financial and investment requirements, while other visa types may have different requirements.

Extension and renewal

The second home visa can be extended for up to 5 years, while other visa types may have different rules for an extension.


The SHV allows for dependent visas for certain family members, while other visa types may not allow for dependents or have different rules.

Work permit

Holders of the SHV may be able to apply for a work permit in Indonesia, depending on the type of investment they have made. Other visa types, such as tourist visa, do not allow the holder to work in Indonesia.

Permanent Residency

The SHV does not provide a path to permanent residence, but holders may be able to apply for permanent residence after a certain time based on their investment and other requirements. Other visa types may provide a path to permanent residence.

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The process for getting your Second Home Visa in Indonesia

Average processing time: 10 days


Send us copies of the required documents.


Emerhub applies for the Second home visa on your behalf


Get a stay permit (ITAS) after arriving in Indonesia


Get your passport stamped within 30 days and live in Indonesia for 5-10 years.

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