FAQ: Minimum paid up capital for foreign company in Indonesia?

For the next few weeks Emerhub’s co-founder Marlissa Dessy will reply every Friday one commonly asked question by foreign entrepreneurs. She will focus on the aspects especially confusing for foreigners, this week talking about minimum paid up capital.

Obtaining Construction Service Business License

Indonesian’s construction sector grew 7.2% last year and according to Business Monitor International is expected to keep the pace in 2013. In this article we look at the ownership restrictions and construction service business license required for the foreign owned companies

Running small business in Indonesia

Nowadays you can read almost every day how another multinational is bringing its millions of dollars to Indonesia. But what if you are looking to start a small business in Indonesia? Let’s look at some of the obstacles and potential solutions.

Coal And Mining Service Business Licenses

Mining is huge business in Indonesia and coal is the biggest export article. In this article I am going to share how to get the mining service licenses so that your company can be part of it.

Indonesian Laws Relevant To Foreign Investors

According to Google, the search engine receives about 27,000 queries each month related to Indonesian law. About half of them come from outside of Indonesia. Reading Indonesian laws is not required for every foreign investor, but it can definitely be useful.

Recruitment In Indonesia: Hiring Managers

The ability to attract high quality people to your company is often the separator between companies who succeed big time and who fail in Indonesia. Despite population of 240 million, attracting the best players to work for you can be challenging. In this article I will share market insights and  Emerhub’s own experience in headhunting […]

Doing business in Batam Free Trade Zone

Batam is the first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) opened in Indonesia and includes islands of Batam, Tonton, Setokok, Nipah, Rempang Galang and Galang Baru and lies on one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes between Sumatra and Singapore.

Foreign Ownership Restrictions and Negative Investment List

How much of the shares can you own in a company in Indonesia? Are foreigners allowed to hold shares in an Indonesian company? All foreign ownership restrictions are regulated by Law of Investment (25/2007) and  presidential decree (36/2010) called the Negative Investment List (DNI). Latest update on 2014 Negative Investment List can be found here. Note […]

Work permits and visas in Indonesia

photo credit: dcgreer There are several visas and work permits Indonesia has for foreigners looking to stay or work in Indonesia. In this article I will guide you through the types of visas available and which one you should choose, skipping the ones not relevant for business travelers and entrepreneurs. Note that Indonesia passed a […]

Investing in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) is on its way of becoming the biggest stock exchange in South-East Asia in terms of market capitalization, expected to pass Singapore in 2015. This would mean doubling the current market capitalization to $US 750 Billion . Let’s look in more detail why you should be interested in IDX and how […]