Buy Property in Bali with Retirement KITAS

Buy real estate in Bali with a Retirement KITAS

Retirement KITAS allows you to live in Bali and purchase property.

Either for your own living or even for earning extra income by renting it out.

Retirement KITAS in Bali

Invest in Bali property with a retirement KITAS

The Retirement Stay Permit (KITAS Tourism Lansia) is a great way to stay and enjoy your retirement in Indonesia. What’s even more – it’s also a great way to purchase property and even earn rental income.

Buy a property as a foreigner without having to register a company

Promoted by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, retirement KITAS holders can now easily purchase property in Indonesia.

Retirement KITAS comes with the benefit of allowing you to purchase a property using Hak Pakai (Rights to Use) for an initial period of 30 years, with the possibility of an extension for 20 years, without the need to open a foreign-owned company.

Get KITAS in just 8 days with Emerhub sponsorship

One of the key requirements of the retirement visa is sponsorship by a licensed tourism company. Emerhub is one of the very few corporate secretarial firms in Indonesia that also owns a tourism license.

By using Emerhub as the sponsor, you get the retirement KITAS as quickly as in 8 working days.

Build a villa in Bali

Requirements for retirement KITAS

Full list of requirements you need to meet to be eligible for a retirement KITAS

Here’s the complete list of requirements. Reach out to our consultants if you need more information or help to acquire any of the documents.


You must be at least 55 years old to retire in Indonesia.

Bank statement

You need to demonstrate that you have at least US$18,000 of funds in your bank account


Life and health insurance that is valid for at least a year.

Lease agreement

You need to have a property leased in Indonesia and collect copies of your landlord and domestic helper’s IDs.

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