KBLI 28210


This group includes the business of manufacturing machinery for the preparation and processing of agricultural and forestry land, such as tractors and plow machines; machinery for planting, fertilizing, plant maintenance and harvesting products (for example, seed sowing machines, pen machines, fertilizers, harvesters, spray machines, lawn mowers and harvesters); as well as machines for the pre-processing of agricultural products (for example threshing machines, pulping machines, propping machines and grain mills), trailers or semi-trailer for loading and unloading automatically for agriculture, cleaning machines and egg pickers or sorters, fruit fruits and plantation products, milking machines, heating machines for poultry, beekeeping machines, equipment for the preparation of animal feed and other machinery for food crops, livestock, plantations and forestry. Including machinery for manufacturing components and equipment or implements of agricultural machinery.

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Key requirements to set up a agriculture and forestry machinery industry in Indonesia

The following requirements are based on the Indonesian business classification code 28210

Maximum foreign ownership
Minimum capital
Rp. 0 billion
Local SME partnership required

What is a KBLI 28210?

A KBLI is an Indonesian business classification, last revised in 2020. The KBLI determines the regulations for a specific business activity.








Indonesian class

28210 stands for agriculture and forestry machinery industry

What are the requirements to set up a agriculture and forestry machinery industry in Indonesia?


  • This business classification does not allow foreign ownersip.

The process of registering agriculture and forestry machinery industry company in Indonesia

The exact process of registering a agriculture and forestry machinery industry company depends on the location of your company's registered address.

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