KBLI 28250


This group includes the manufacture of machines for processing various foods, beverages and tobacco, such as food and milk processing machines, agricultural drying machines, cream separators, milk processing machines (such as homogenizers), milk converting machines (for example cheese makers, and printers). cheese) and cheese making machines (e.g. homogenizers, printing, pressing), machines for the rice or grain milling industry, such as machines for cleaning, selecting or sorting grain or dried legumes and vegetables (winnowing machines, filter strips, separators, grain brushing machines and others); and machinery for producing flour and foodstuffs and others (grain milling machines, filters, flour sieves, fillers, blenders, rice bran cleansers, rice mills, peanut crushers and others), wine and fruit juice making machines, bread, noodle and spaghetti making machines and the like such as bread ovens, mixers, dough makers, molds, cutters, bread making machines and others, cigarette making machines and various other food processing machines. Including machines for the bakery industry or macaroni making, machines and equipment for the processing of various foods, such as machines for making confectionery, cocoa or chocolate, machines for the sugar industry, machines for brewing beer, machines for processing meat and poultry, machines for processing fruit - ingredients, nuts and vegetables, machines for processing fish, shellfish and other marine products; machines for refining and refining; and other machinery for the food and beverage industry and processing; oil extraction and processing machines and animal and plant weaknesses; machinery for processing tobacco and for the manufacture of cigarettes and cigars or for pipe tobacco or chewing tobacco or snuff; food processing machines in hotels and restaurants.

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Key requirements to set up a manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco processing machines in Indonesia

The following requirements are based on the Indonesian business classification code 28250

Maximum foreign ownership
Minimum capital
Rp. 0 billion
Local SME partnership required

What is a KBLI 28250?

A KBLI is an Indonesian business classification, last revised in 2020. The KBLI determines the regulations for a specific business activity.








Indonesian class

28250 stands for manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco processing machines

What are the requirements to set up a manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco processing machines in Indonesia?


  • This business classification does not allow foreign ownersip.

The process of registering manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco processing machines company in Indonesia

The exact process of registering a manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco processing machines company depends on the location of your company's registered address.

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