KBLI 28299


This group includes the industry of various other special industrial machines that have not been included in the previous group, such as machines for working rubber or soft plastics or for the manufacture of products from these materials, such as extrude machines, printers, machines for making air tires (pneumatic) or tires for retreading, other machines for the manufacture of plastic or specialty rubber products, printing and bookbinding machines and machines for printing support on a wide variety of materials, machines for producing tiles, bricks, cut ceramic adhesives, pipes, graphite electrodes, chalk, cast iron molds and others, semi-conductor factory machines, industrial robots performing various tasks for special purposes, machines for assembling electric lamps and electronic lamps, tubes or light bulbs, machines for producing or hot work of glass or articles of glass, glass fibers or threads and machines or equipment for isotopic separation, tire straightening and balancing equipment (except wheel balancers), central lubrication systems, airplane gearboxes (launching gear), carrier catapults and related equipment, automatic bowling alley equipment (pin-setters), roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries, amusement rinks or other games and other special machines.

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Key requirements to set up a other special property machine manufacture in Indonesia

The following requirements are based on the Indonesian business classification code 28299

Maximum foreign ownership
Minimum capital
Rp. 0 billion
Local SME partnership required

What is a KBLI 28299?

A KBLI is an Indonesian business classification, last revised in 2020. The KBLI determines the regulations for a specific business activity.








Indonesian class

28299 stands for other special property machine manufacture

What are the requirements to set up a other special property machine manufacture in Indonesia?


  • This business classification does not allow foreign ownersip.

The process of registering other special property machine manufacture company in Indonesia

The exact process of registering a other special property machine manufacture company depends on the location of your company's registered address.

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