KBLI 88902


This group includes activities based on the social work profession, the provision of social activity services, counseling, welfare, refugees, delivery and similar services provided to individuals and families at home or elsewhere and carried out by the private sector, local and national non-governmental organizations, natural disaster management organizations. and specialized organizations providing counseling services, such as welfare services and guidance for children and adolescents, adoption activities and child delinquency prevention activities, household financial counseling services, marriage and family guidance, debt-receivable consulting services, community and environmental activities, activities for victims of disasters, refugees, immigrants and others including temporary or long-term shelters, rehabilitation activities and work habitation for the unemployed where the education component is limited, activities to determine eligibility in relation to welfare assistance, loans or coupons. food, daily child care activities, including for children with disabilities, daily facility activities for the homeless and other middle to lower social groups and charity activities such as fundraising or other supporting activities aimed at social activities. These include coaching isolated communities, family consultations, training in women's leadership and village women's self-help businesses, adoption, resocialization and coaching, collection and distribution of social assistance funds.

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Key requirements to set up a private social activities outside other orphanages in Indonesia

The following requirements are based on the Indonesian business classification code 88902

Maximum foreign ownership
Minimum capital
Rp. 0 billion
Local SME partnership required

What is a KBLI 88902?

A KBLI is an Indonesian business classification, last revised in 2020. The KBLI determines the regulations for a specific business activity.








Indonesian class

88902 stands for private social activities outside other orphanages

What are the requirements to set up a private social activities outside other orphanages in Indonesia?


  • This business classification does not allow foreign ownersip.

The process of registering private social activities outside other orphanages company in Indonesia

The exact process of registering a private social activities outside other orphanages company depends on the location of your company's registered address.

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