KBLI 53101


This group includes service businesses for mailing letters, postal notes, postcards, printed materials, newspapers, small packages, postal parcels, money orders and postal giro, both domestic and overseas. This includes activities related to the printing, processing and delivery of business letters, brochures and invoices managed by the National Post

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Key requirements to set up a universal posts in Indonesia

The following requirements are based on the Indonesian business classification code 53101

Maximum foreign ownership
Minimum capital
Rp. 10 billion
Local SME partnership required

What is a KBLI 53101?

A KBLI is an Indonesian business classification, last revised in 2020. The KBLI determines the regulations for a specific business activity.








Indonesian class

53101 stands for universal posts

What are the requirements to set up a universal posts in Indonesia?


  • At least two shareholders
  • Maximum of 49% of the shares can be held by foreign shareholders. Indonesian shareholders must hold at least 51% of the shares.


  • Minimum paid up capital is Rp,00
  • Paid-up capital will not be injected in the company during the registration process. Instead, the shareholders issue a statement letter that at least the amount of minimum paid-up capital will be injected to the company once the registration is completed.

Corporate structure

  • At least one director. At least one of the directors must be an Indonesian resident. The directors are in charge of the daily operations of the company.
  • At least one commissioner. Commissioners are overseeing the work of directors on behalf of the shareholders.
  • The same person cannot be both a director and a commissioner.
  • There is no requirement for the director or commissioner to hold shares in the company.
  • Registered address in a building with the correct building permit.

Example of typical shareholder table

Name Country of origin Role Shares Capital contribution
Smith Industries Ltd. Australia 3675 Rp3675000000
John Smith Australia Commissioner 1225 Rp1225000000
Budianto Indonesia Director 5100 Rp,00
10000 Rp,00

The process of registering universal posts company in Indonesia

The exact process of registering a universal posts company depends on the location of your company's registered address.

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