Representative Office for Education

Establish a Representative Office for Education in Vietnam

A representative office is an office set up by a parent company, usually abroad.

Prerequisites and Requirements for Representative Offices for Education

There is no capital requirement to establish a representative office in Vietnam, however, it must meet certain requirements:

  • Businesses that operate in the education sector can open this type of representative office in Vietnam.
  • Aside from being in the education industry, the parent company must have been registered for at least 1 year.
  • The representative office must have a registered address.
  • The representative office must obtain a Certificate of Registration of Operation of the Foreign Representative Office from the Department of Education and Training (DOET).
  • The head of the representative office cannot hold a position in the parent company, nor any management or director positions in another company registered in Vietnam.

You must submit the following documents related to your company to establish a representative office in Vietnam. The documents must be consular legalized in the country of issuance.

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Audited financial statement for the last year

You must also submit documents related to the representative office’s manager.

  • The manager’s Vietnamese residential address
  • If the manager is a foreign national, his or her passport or a consular legalized copy of the passport from the country of issuance.
  • If the manager is Vietnamese, his or her original ID, or a copy notarized by a notary public in Vietnam.

Emerhub will assist in acquiring and preparing all necessary documents to establish your representative office in Vietnam.

Allowed Activities for Representative Offices for Education

Representative offices can conduct business activities on behalf of its parent company locally. Generally, representative offices can act as local liaison for the parent company. However, it cannot directly generate income in Vietnam.

The representative office can conduct market research and feasibility studies for the parent company to scope out the local market. It can also promote the services of its parent company as long as they do not earn any revenue within Vietnam.

The parent company can also build relationships with local businesses through the representative company.


On average, Emerhub is able to obtain all relevant documents to establish a representative office for education in Vietnam within 2 months. We can also open a local bank account for your representative office within the same timeframe.