Rizky F.

Specialization: DevOps

Experience: years


Languages: Indonesian

Relocation: Willing to work remotely

He has 10 years of experience as a Cloud, network, and DevOps Engineer. He had practical skills with interesting technologies and to learn new things, particularly cloud, Linux, and network security. Managing 80+ servers in a distributed and highly available critical infrastructure.

* leading infrastructure operations process inside team
* Create and maintain automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment, and implementing to the project
* Linux System Administration: DNS, Web Server, FTP, monitoring, SSL, Load Balancer, Mail Server
* Cloud: OpenStack, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku, GIO
* Containerization and Orchestration tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, Istio, Rancher, Vagrant
* VCS: Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab
* Automation tools: Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Ansible

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