Distributor search

It is a common market entry strategy to export products to a new market using local distributors instead of setting up local operations. This model has many benefits, such as:

  • Local distributor already has the market knowledge and supply chain
  • Relatively low cost of entry
  • Lean business model, ability to adapt to new market conditions quickly.

The two biggest challenges of this entry model are protecting your intellectual property and finding the right distributors. This is a stage where you don’t want to cut corners and run into partnerships where the local partner is not capable of growing the sales or even damages your brand reputation.

That is why Emerhub provides a distributor search service. It contains three stages:

  1. Shortlisting distributors: based on your brief we will find and shortlist you an agreed number of distributors that meet the requirements we have set together.
  2. Business meetings: we will arrange meetings between you and the shortlisted distributors. Usually this is done by coming over to the target market (e.g. Jakarta or Ho Chi Minh City) and our consultant will go to the meetings together with you.
  3. Follow up of the meetings: we will help you to communicate with the distributors and support you in making deals with them.

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