Employer of Record

Hire remote employees in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines

Have full-time employees immediately without having to set up a legal entity.

A better way to hire remotely

Hire full-time employees in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

  • Provide legal status to your remote workers

    Allow your team to work from India, Indonesia, Vietnam or the Philippines. Provide them the legal status of a full-time employee without having to set up a legal entity.

  • Hire full-time employees instead of freelancers

    Outsourcing work to a freelancer or a subcontractor can work well for specific assignments. However, they won't replace the value the in-house employees bring in terms of understanding your business and staying with you for long-term.

  • Local regulations are handled for you

    Setting up a company in a foreign country goes beyond incorporating a company. You'll have to report taxes, understand local employment laws, etc. Using an employer of record provider frees you from all the bureaucracy - you'll just hire a service.

  • Expand to new markets faster

    Having a full-time team on the ground is one of the fastest ways to expand to new markets. Hire both local and foreign employees and test the market.

A skilled software engineer in South-East Asia can cost up to four times less than an engineer at home

You can leverage the costs and skills of software engineers in Indonesia, Vietnam and The Philippines without operating a local company.

Registering a foreign-owned company in South-East Asia is a bureaucratic and time-consuming process. 

By using our Employer Of Record service you can take advantage of the cost-benefit immediately, without the headaches and time loss that come with running a local company.

Leave all the HR worries on our shoulders

Are you worried that you won’t find skilled IT engineers in South-East Asia? Or you can’t yet figure out how to manage your international team and deal with all of the cultural differences or legal aspects that come with an overseas team?

Through our Employer Of Record service, we hire skilled engineers for you and manage them as per your standards. 

Our local HR manager will be your point of contact and answer all your concerns. Reach out to us for any other questions.

Keep focusing on your business while we administer the staff

You can deal with all of the time-consuming staff administration tasks such as recruiting, payroll, compliance and providing proper office space for your employees.

Or you can choose to keep focusing on expanding your business and contract us to manage your staff in South-East Asia.

Emerhub will handle all HR tasks and responsibilities and invoice you, transparently, on a monthly basis.

Our service is fully compliant and aligned with the local legislation.

Ask us anything about our Employer Of Record service.

Hiring employees in Southeast Asia

How to start using an Employer of Record immediately in Indonesia, Vietnam, or the Philippines?

Getting started with the process of using an Employer On Record is easy. You only need to provide us with some details about your employee requirements and we will handle the rest.

Let’s discuss hiring your employees under Emerhub

Tell us briefly about the type of positions you look to hire and where.

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