Getting a KITAP in Indonesia

KITAP or permanent stay permit allows you to stay in Indonesia for 5 years at a time and is very special, as not everyone can apply for it.

Minimum Capital in Indonesia for a Foreign Owned Company (PT PMA)

Understand how much capital needs to be paid up to register a foreign company (PT PMA) in Indonesia.

Getting a work permit in Indonesia to foreign workers

Hiring foreign employees in Indonesia through acquiring work and stay permits.

How To Get a Halal Certification in Indonesia

Understand how the new regulation changed the way you can get your products labeled as Halal in Indonesia.

How to Rent a Warehouse in Indonesia as a Foreign Company

Plan to rent a warehouse in Indonesia? Emerhub advises on strategically convenient locations, storage requirements and meeting government regulations in Indonesia.

The best legal structure for your rental business in Indonesia

Setting up a transparent rental business in Indonesia starts from having a clear understanding about the available legal structures:

Relocate to Indonesia Without Leaving Your Valuables Behind

An international move can be frustrating on its own – moving to a country with a foreign culture like Indonesia, even more so.

9 Most Anticipated New Positions For Foreign Workers in Indonesia

Emerhub recently shared the breaking news that a broad list of new positions for foreign workers in Indonesia has now become available. More than 150 new positions in 18 sectors have been opened up for expatriate and foreign workers in a variety of disciplines including construction, education, and the previously closed legal sector. Here are […]

Save Your Company’s Business License In Indonesia

As a business owner in Indonesia, it can be a challenge to stay up-to-date on changes in the legislative system. While it’s not uncommon for regulatory updates to occur, it is rare for changes to happen that can result in a major penalty like having your Business Identity Number (NIB) suspended.  If you own a […]

Breaking: New Positions Open for Foreign Workers in Indonesia

As of August 27, 2019, the Indonesian Government has taken another step on a path towards a more open environment for international business and foreign investment. A new set of regulations lifts restrictions on a wide variety of positions that foreigners can hold in all business classifications. In this article, we elaborate on what changed […]