Virtual Office in Jakarta

A virtual office serves as the registered address of a business. It is an easy way to fulfill legal requirements to register a company in Indonesia.

Why use a virtual office?

All companies in Indonesia must have a business address in a building that allows commercial activities. There are many advantages to using virtual office address such as:

  • Lower overhead costs. The fees to use a virtual office address costs less than renting out a commercial space. If your business does not need a physical location to operate, a virtual office is the better option for you.
  • Enter the Indonesian market faster. Finding an appropriate commercial space from abroad is time-consuming and difficult. Expand to Indonesia faster by registering your business using a virtual office address.

Virtual office in Jakarta with Emerhub

Emerhub offers a simple and cost-effective solution to get a business address that meets legal requirements in Indonesia. With our virtual address service, you can register your business using an address that has all the necessary permits in Jakarta.

Enter the Indonesia market faster with our virtual office services. We can complete your company registration in Indonesia in as little as 4 days when you use our address.

You won’t need to use any of your time and resources trying to find an office that meets legal requirements because our virtual office address has the necessary building permits.

By using our virtual office services, you can keep your overhead costs low even if your company is not fully remote. We can provide desks for your on-site staff in our office.

Start your business in Indonesia with Emerhub’s virtual office service.

Virtual Office in Jakarta

  • Meet legal requirements to register and operate a private company in Indonesia

  • Station employees at Emerhub’s office (additional USD 250/desk per month)

  • Business address in Jakarta

USD 600
per year

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