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EFIN registration for companies

Arrange your company’s Electronic Filing Tax Number (EFIN)

Why do you need to register for an EFIN?

EFIN benefits:

  • Necessary to use the Online Tax Service
  • Allows for digital transaction authentications
  • Encrypts financial details and submissions
  • Company data confidentiality
  • Faster processing of taxes

❌ Consequences of not registering:

  • Online Tax reporting is not possible
  • Financial document submissions will not be as secure
  • Some Indonesian services that require authentication may not be available

The Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) in Indonesia is required if you wish to use the Online Tax Service. It is a secure way for a company to manage its financial documents and submit its tax reporting.

Indonesia is seeing a shift to online services to ensure fast and accurate reporting and processing. It is best practice for individual and corporate taxpayers to register for EFIN as soon as possible to ensure proper tax compliance.

Documents required for EFIN registration

  • Activation form
  • Valid Identification document
  • Personal Tax Number (NPWP)
  • Valid email address
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