In case your business is about importing goods to Indonesia, you will have to obtain licenses to be eligible to do that. We have a thorough guide on how to set up an import company.

In this post we explain in more details the different types of import licenses and how to get them.

API (Angka Pengenal Importir) – Importer Identification Number

In order to be able to import, you will need API. This serves the purpose of keeping a database of importers and regulating the import activities. There are four types of API:

1. API Umum (API-U)
General Importer Identification Number.
This type of import license given to a trade company to import goods in order to be traded in Indonesia.

2. API Produsen (API-P)
Importer Identification Number for producers.
This type of import license given to industrial companies need to import goods for capital and raw material in order to support operational activities and production.

3. API Terbatas (API-T)
Limited Importer Identification Number. Given to direct investment company to import goods in order to support production with BKPM facility

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4. API Khusus (API-K)
Importer Identification Number for contractor.
Having an API doesn’t make your company automatically able to import goods. For some commodities to be imported need additional import license or even should passed some test and get certification from specific departments and ministries. Below we explain further about special importer identification number.

NPIK (Nomor Pengenal Importir Khusus) – Special Importer Identification Number

NPIK or else Special Importer Identification Number is needed if your company importing one out of 8 the goods below:

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Soybean
  • Sugar
  • Textile and textile products
  • Shoes and other foot apparel
  • Electronics and its components
  • Toys

NPIK can only be obtained if you already hold an API.

The journey of obtaining import license is not stopping until API and NPIK. For specific goods you need to check in the certain ministries to get recommendation and certificate.

For example, for all electronic and telecommunication devices, you need to get certificate from Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Getting certificate means that all devices you wish to be imported should be tested in their laboratory. This also applies to other specific commodities or goods.

We would be more than welcome to assist you figure out what type of licenses you need for your import.

Frequently Asked Questions

NPIK can only be obtained if you already hold an API.

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