Cleaning activities

List of business classifications grouped under N812 - Cleaning activities in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Other building and industrial cleaning activities

    Activities that provide exterior cleaning services of all types of buildings, including offices, factories, shops, institutions and other business and professional places as well as buildings for multi-unit dwellings or settlements, special cleaning activities of buildings such as cleaning windows, chimneys and furnaces. or fireplaces, stoves, stoves, incinerators, boilers or boilers, pipes or ventilation ducts, exhaust gases or steam, cleaning and maintenance services for swimming pools, cleaning services for industrial machinery, cleaning services for trains, buses, airplanes and others. others, internal cleaning services for ships and tanker trucks, extermination and extermination services, road cleaning and snow and ice cleaning services, and building and other industrial cleaning services.


    General cleaning of buildings

    The activities of providing cleaning services for various types of buildings owned by companies or institutions or agencies or government or private agencies, such as office buildings, factories, shops, meeting halls and school buildings, including interior cleaning services for these buildings, such as cleaning floors, walls. , furniture, windows, ventilation and exhaust units. Cleaning carpets and rugs as well as cleaning curtains were included in the 96200 group. Building cleaning service activities carried out by workers serving households were included in the 97000 group.


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