Computer programming, consultancy and related activities

List of business classifications grouped under J62 - Computer programming, consultancy and related activities in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Computer consultation activities and other computer facility management

    Consulting efforts on the types and configurations of computer hardware with or without being associated with software applications. Planning and designing a computer system that integrates hardware, software and computer communication technology. Consultation usually involves analyzing the needs of computer users and their problems, and providing the best solution. Units classified in this subgroup may provide hardware and software system components as part of an integrated service or these components may be provided by third parties or vendors. Units classified in this subgroup generally install the system and train and support the users of the system. Including the provision of management and operation of client computer systems and or or data processing facilities at the client's premises, as well as related support services. Similar activities carried out by the sales unit of computer companies are included in group 47411


    Information technology activities and other computer services

    Information technology activities and other computer services related to activities that have not been classified elsewhere, such as computer damage recovery, personal computer setting up and software installation. Including incident management and digital forensics activities. various computer-related businesses that are not yet included in the 6201-6202 category

    Closed to foreign investment

    Trade application development activities through the internet (e-commerce)

    The development of trading applications via the internet (e-commerce). Activities include consulting, analysis and application programming for trading activities via the internet


    Other computer programming activities

    Consultations related to the analysis, design and programming of other ready-to-use systems (in addition to those covered in groups 62011 and 62012). This activity usually involves analyzing the needs of computer users and their problems, solving problems, and making software related to solving these problems. This includes writing simple programs according to the needs of computer users. Designing the structure and content of, and or or writing computer code needed to create and implement, such as system software (updating and repairing), application software (updating and repairing), databases and web pages. Includes software customization, for example, modification and adjustment of existing application configurations so that they function in a client information system environment. Similar activities carried out as an integral part of software sales are included in the subgroup 47413


    Information security consultation activities

    The activities of information security planning and supervision consulting services, information security inspection or assurance, and information security development and implementation.


    Video game development activities

    Video game development activities, such as game concept design activities, video game software development, graphic asset creation, video game-related animation creation, sound and music creation, video game testing, and other support for video games.


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