Creative, arts and entertainment activities

List of business classifications grouped under R90 - Creative, arts and entertainment activities in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Entertainment activities, arts and other creativity

    Activities in the business of providing entertainment and art to the public by the government and the private sector which have not been covered by 90001 to 90006 as entertainment media.


    Operational activities of arts facilities

    Activities or businesses to operate art facilities such as concert halls, theaters and other art facilities.


    Aktivitas penunjang hiburan

    Entertainment support activities, such as activities carried out by a cameraman, lighting interpreter, makeup artist, stage art support and others.


    Impresariate services in the field of arts

    The activities of managing and organizing entertainment performances in the form of bringing, sending and returning as well as determining the place, time and type of entertainment. Impressariat service business activities in this group are specifically in the arts. For example Java Musikindo.


    Independent news journalist

    Efforts to find news carried out by individuals as information material.


    Show arts activities

    Activities or efforts to organize art performances and stage entertainment, such as drama performances, musical performances, opera, plays, regional arts associations (wayang orang, lenong), band entertainment services, orchestras and the like.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Arts workers activities

    Activities of art workers, such as activities carried out by novelists, story writers and other authors, actors, singers, musicians, music engineers, play dancers, dancers and other similar stage artists. This includes the activities of radio, television and film producers, painters, cartoonists and sculpture sculptors.

    Closed to foreign investment

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