Employment activities

List of business classifications grouped under N78 - Employment activities in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Labor provision activities for specific time

The activities of providing labor for the employer for a certain period of time in order to increase the workforce, in which the labor supply is temporary or temporary employees who help a unit. The activities classified here do not provide direct supervisors for workers assigned to employers. Activities such as providing services for exhibition stand guards.

With restrictions

Provision of human resources and management of human resources functions

The activities of providing human resources and human resource management services to employers. This activity is devoted to carrying out human resource and personnel management tasks. This activity presents the work history of workers in matters relating to wages, taxes and other financial and resource matters, but is not responsible for the direction and supervision of workers.

Closed to foreign investment

Domestic labor search and placement activities

Activities for registration, selection and placement of domestic workers in various business fields carried out through inter-work exchange activities, local inter-work mechanisms and inter-regional work by LPTKS (Private Employment Institutions). This includes the provision of executive labor to other parties on a contract basis.


Foreign labor selection and placement activities

The activities of registration, selection and placement of workers abroad in various business fields through an inter-country work mechanism by the Private Indonesian Worker Placement (PPTKIS). Including the provision of executive labor to other parties on a contract basis

Closed to foreign investment

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