Manufacture of basic metals

List of business classifications grouped under C24 - Manufacture of basic metals in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Non-iron and steel metal casting industry

The business of smelting, alloying and casting or pouring non-ferrous metals in basic forms, such as copper and alloy castings, aluminum and alloy castings, nickel and alloy castings. Including semi-finished product casting of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc and others, light metal casting casting, heavy metal casting casting, casting precious metal casting and non-ferrous metal die-casting.

Closed to foreign investment

Uranium and uranium ore processing industries

Refining uranium metal from uranium ore or other ore containing uranium, processing natural uranium and its compounds, enriching uranium and its compounds, plutonium and its compounds, or separating and combining these compounds.

Closed to foreign investment

Iron and steel casting industry

Smelting, mixing and casting or casting of iron and steel which produces cast products in crude form, such as cast iron, cast steel and alloy cast steel. Includes semi-finished iron product casting, gray cast iron casting, spheroid graphite cast iron casting, malleable cast iron casting, semi-finished steel product casting, cast steel casting, industrial tube, pipe and hollow profile and tube and pipe fittings made of cast iron, industrial tubes and seamless steel pipes from the centrifugal casting process and industrial tubes and pipe fittings made of cast steel

Closed to foreign investment

Manufacture of pipe and pipe exposure of metal, not iron and steel

Businesses in the manufacture of tubes, pipes and pipe fittings from non-ferrous metal and steel.

Closed to foreign investment

Non-iron basic metal manufacturing industry

Businesses in refining, smelting, blending and pouring non-ferrous metals in basic forms (ingots, billets, slabs, rods, pellets, blocks, sheets, pigs, alloys and powders) such as brass ingots, aluminum ingots, zinc ingots, copper ingots, tin ingots, brass billets, aluminum billets, brass slabs, aluminum slabs, brass rods, aluminum rods, brass pellets, aluminum pellets, bronze alloys, nickel alloys and anti-friction metals (bearing metal)


Non-iron metal milling industry

Non-ferrous metal milling businesses, both hot and cold milling, such as copper plates, aluminum plates, copper sheets, aluminum sheets, silver strips, zinc strips, aluminum strips, copper sheets, magnesium sheets, tin foil and platinum strips. Including the manufacture of metal wires


Non-iron metal extrusion industry

Non-ferrous metal extrusion businesses, such as copper and alloy extrusion, aluminum extrusion and tungsten extrusion


Iron and steel making industry

Businesses in the manufacture of iron and steel in basic forms, such as iron ore pellets, sponge iron, pig iron and the manufacture of iron and steel in the form of rough steel such as steel ingots, steel billets, bloom steel and steel slabs. Including the manufacture of iron and alloy steel. These include furnace activities, steel converters, rolling and finishing mills; production of pig iron in basic forms such as blocks; mixed iron production; production of iron products directly reduced from iron ore and other hollow iron products; iron production from refining by electrolysis and other chemical processes; iron grain and iron powder production; production of steel ingots or other basic forms; remelting of remaining iron or steel ingots; and semi-finished steel production.


Steel rolling industry

The steel milling business, both hot and cold milling, which makes grinding products for steel wire rods, reinforcing steel, profile steel (H-beam, I-beam and the like), strip steel, rail steel, steel plate, steel. hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet coated or uncoated with other metals or non-metals including grinding steel scrap. Including the beam or hot rolled cut steel industry, the hot rolled open section steel industry, the beam and solid section steel industry as a result of the cold drawing, grinding and turning processes, the open section steel industry resulting from progressive cold forming on rolling or folding machines on pressing machines or on rolling of steel flats, cold drawing or stretchuing of steel wire industry,


Manufacture of pipes and pipe exposure of steel and iron

Businesses in the manufacture of tubes, pipes and pipe fittings from iron and steel. Including Manufacture of seamless steel hollow tubes, pipes and profiles as a result of hot rolled forming, hot drawing or hot extruding, cold rolling or cold drawing; industry of welded steel tubes and pipes as a result of hot or cold welding and forming, as a follow-up process of cold rolled or cold drawing; and the steel pipe fittings industry, such as flat flanges and flanges with forged collars, butt-welded fittings, threaded fittings and socket-welded fittings.


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