Manufacture of batteries and accumulators

List of business classifications grouped under C272 - Manufacture of batteries and accumulators in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Electric accumulator industry

    The business of manufacturing various kinds of electric accumulators, batteries and their components such as batteries from 6V or 12V with a power of 200 amps or less, battery plates, separators, housings, covers, poles and battery clips (gear type).


    Industri batu baterai

    Businesses in the manufacture of all kinds of stone batteries, such as primary electric cells and batteries, alkaline batteries, and mercury batteries. This includes batteries and main cells, whether containing manganese dioxide, mercury dioxide, silver oxide or others, lead acid batteries, Ni-Cad batteries, Ni-Mh batteries, Lithium batteries, dry cell batteries and wet cell batteries. Including use for HP batteries and laptop batteries


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