Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products

List of business classifications grouped under C19 - Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Coal bricket industry

The business of making briquettes from coal or lignite, both at the mining site and outside the mining location. This includes the manufacture of briquettes using coal or lignite purchased from other parties.

Closed to foreign investment

Industry of returning used lubricated oil

The business of reprocessing used lubricating oil to be used as lubricating oil

Closed to foreign investment

Manufacture of oil refined products

The processing of asphalt or tar, bitumen and wax (can be used for road coating, roofing, wood, paper and so on) as well as Petroleum Coke. Including the product industry for the petrochemical industry, various product industries, such as white spirit, vaseline, paraffin wax, petroleum jelly, petroleum briquette industry and biofuel blending, such as mixing alcohol with petroleum (for example gasohol).

Closed to foreign investment

Manufacture of coke oven products

The gas processing industry, coke from coal, including the distillation of coal which is not part of a gas or iron and steel factory, or the distillation of coal which is part of an iron and steel factory whose accounting can be separated. Includes operation of coke furnaces, production of coke and semi-coke, production of pitch coke, production of raw and lignite coke and coke agglomeration. Gas distillation businesses by gas factories whose distribution through pipelines is included in group 35202. Gas and coke manufacturing businesses that are part of the iron and steel processing activities are included in groups 24101 to 24103


Industri bahan bakar dari pemurnian dan pengilangan minyak bumi

Petroleum refining and refining businesses that produce fuels such as Avigas, Avtur, Gasoline, Kerosene or Kerosene, Solar Oil, Diesel Oil, Fuel Oil or Gasoline, Solvent or Solvent, including LPG from petroleum refining.


Lubricating oil manufacturing industry

Businesses in the manufacture of lubricating oils, oils and greases based on oil.


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