Manufacture of communication equipment

List of business classifications grouped under C263 - Manufacture of communication equipment in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Industri peralatan komunikasi lainnya

    The manufacture of other communication transmission devices, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) equipment, data communication equipment (bridges, routers, gateways), cordless telephones, cable TV equipment, transmission antennas (transmitters) and receivers, television studio equipment. and radio and broadcast equipment including television cameras, carrier equipment modems, fire and theft alarm systems, radio and television transmitters, infrared equipment (eg remote controls) and others. Including the creation of set top boxes for terrestrial and satellite


    Phone equipment and faximile industry

    The manufacture of communication transmission equipment, such as telephone and facsimile equipment, including answering machines and others

    Closed to foreign investment

    Wireless communication equipment industry

    The manufacture of communication transmission equipment, such as Ipager equipment, cellular telephones and mobile communication equipment (mobile) and others.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Smart card industry

    Smart card manufacturing, such as chip design planning (design house), smart card circuit layout planning, chip foundry industry, chip module packaging industry, manufacturing firmware and software directly related to smart cards, chip packaging. Examples of smart cards such as sim cards, Nerd Field Communications (NFC), with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G technology, banking cards, access cards, micro and macro payments, credit cards and all cards that use data and or communication security

    Closed to foreign investment

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