Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products

List of business classifications grouped under C26 - Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Manufacture of optical and optical instruments are not eye

The business of making binoculars and optical devices as well as parts for science and printing such as monocular binoculars, astronomical binoculars, telescope elbows, periscopes, optics, spectroscopes, spectographs, honed layered lenses, prism lenses. Includes optical microscopes, binoculars and telescopes, optical mirrors, optical magnifying glass equipment, optical machinist precision (precision) equipment, optical comparators, optical weapon sighting equipment, optical positioning equipment, optical measuring and inspection equipment and instruments (e.g. fire control equipment. control equipment, distance measuring) and laser equipment. This group also includes the coating industry, lens polishing and lens mountings (non-ophthalmic) and others


Manufacture of magnetic and optical media

Efforts to manufacture magnetic and optical recording media for sound, images and data, which are mainly made of plastic, such as blank magnetic audio and video tapes, blank magnetic audio and video cassettes, blank phonograph records, films that are not sensitive to light, tapes for recording data and blank discs or diskettes and blank optical discs and hard drive media. The business of making films that are sensitive to light is included in the 20299 group. The business of sound recording using cassette tape media and phonograph records is included in the 59201 group. Meanwhile, film image recordings and video tapes are included in the 5911 sub-category (Production of Moving Pictures, Videos and Television Programs). Data recording businesses using tape, disk or diskette and the like that use computer services are included in the 62090 group


Industri peralatan elektromedikal dan elektroterapi

The manufacture of electromedical and electrotherapy equipment and equipment, such as electrocardiograph equipment, eye test equipment (including reflectors, endoscopes and others), ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, including CT scanners, PET scanners, MRI (magnetic resonce imaging) equipment, medical ultrasound equipment, electromedical endoscopy equipment, medical laser equipment, hearing aid equipment and pacemaker equipment.


Photographic equipment industry

The business of manufacturing a variety of photographic cameras, such as ordinary photo cameras, live-ready cameras, micro-film cameras, digital cameras, still picture cameras and cameras for aerial research.


Industri kamera cinematografi proyektor dan perlengkapannya

The business of manufacturing various kinds of cinematographic cameras, projectors, such as cinematography cameras, cinematographic projectors, image projectors, slide projectors, overhead transparency projectors, photographic flash apparatus, camera frames, film holders and zoom camera lenses. Includes a light meter for photography


Manufacture of time measuring

The business of making various kinds of clocks such as watches, pocket watches, necklace watches, wall clocks, alarm clocks and bells. Including efforts to manufacture parts of clocks or watches, such as movement parts, dial plates or hands, springs, battery stones, dial, hands and other parts, clock cases and watches, including cases of precious metals. , alarm for watch, instrument panel clocks, crono meter, stop watch, parking timer, employee arrival and return time (absent time recorder), time or date stamps and processing time, time locks and others.

Closed to foreign investment

Manufacture of irradiation equipment or x rays, equipment and the like

The business of making irradiation (irradiation) equipment and tubes based on the use of X, Alpha, Beta, or Gamma radiation, whether used on humans or animals, such as industrial equipment, milk and food irradiation equipment, medical diagnostics, medical therapy. , research and science. For example, X-ray radiation equipment, beta, gamma and other rays. This includes the manufacture of X-ray tubes, control panels, screens and the like, as well as sterilization equipment using ultraviolet light

Closed to foreign investment

Manufacture of electrical measuring and test tools

The business of manufacturing electrical measuring, checking and testing devices, both existing and unrelated to scientific investigation, such as electric current meters. Including the equipment of the equipment


Manufacture of electronic measuring and test tools

The business of manufacturing laboratory equipment, measuring instruments and electronic examiners, both existing and unrelated to scientific investigations, such as automatic electronic control aircraft, speedometer, meter, cathode ray electronics, radar, radio control and navigation instruments, meteorology, geophysics, hydrology and spectophotometer. Including the equipment of the equipment.


Manufacture of test tools in industrial processes

The manufacture of various measuring and control equipment for goods that are being processed, both measuring heat, pressure, viscosity, and measuring the properties of goods.

Closed to foreign investment

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