Manufacture of dairy products

List of business classifications grouped under C105 - Manufacture of dairy products in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Educable ice processing industries (not ice stone and ice beam)

    The business of making various kinds of ice whose main ingredients are not milk, such as sorbet, ice lolly, ice drop, ice with various other flavors, ice mambo and ice puter. The dry ice business is included in the 20112 group


    Manufacture of processing other milk products

    Other dairy processing businesses, such as butter, yogurt, cheese and curds, whey, casein or lactose (sweetened milk) and powdered ice cream. Making ice cream whose main ingredient is milk is included in the 10531 group


    Ice cream processing industry

    The business of making various kinds of ice cream whose main ingredients are milk. Making ice cream whose main ingredient is not milk is included in group 10532.


    Fresh and cream milk processing industry

    Businesses in the processing of fresh liquid milk, pasteurized, sterilized, homogenized and or or ultra-heating (UHT) milk and the cream processing industry from fresh liquid milk, pasteurization, sterilization and homogenization.


    Powder and milk processing industry

    The processing industry for powdered milk or condensed milk with sweetened or not and the milk or cream processing industry in solid form


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