Manufacture of electrical equipment

List of business classifications grouped under C27 - Manufacture of electrical equipment in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Manufacture of other electrical equipment

Other insulated and connected electrical wiring devices, carbon and graphite electrodes, contacts and other electrical carbon and graphite products, particle accelerators, capacitors, resistors, electrical condensers and similar components, electromagnets, electric scoreboards, electric billboards, electrical insulators (except glass or porcelain baffles), electric soldering and soldering equipment, hand soldering irons and photovoltaic module (solar panel) manufacturing equipment. Including the business of manufacturing components and equipment electric soldering and soldering equipment, hand soldering iron and photovoltaic module (solar panel) manufacturing equipment. Including the business of manufacturing components and equipment electric soldering and soldering equipment, hand soldering iron and photovoltaic module (solar panel) manufacturing equipment. Including the business of manufacturing components and equipment


Household electrical equipment industry

The manufacture of electric blankets, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, electric trash cans, equipment for processing and preparing food (grinders, blenders, can openers, juicers, etc.) and other electrical equipment such as brushes. electric teeth, electric shavers and other electric body care tools, electric knife sharpener and so on. Includes refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, disposal unit or trash and ventilation hood. The manufacture of washing machines, drying machines and the like in large forms or for commercial purposes is included in group 28262. Manufacturing of sewing machines for household needs or not included in group 28262

Closed to foreign investment

Industri peralatan elektrotermal rumah tangga

The manufacture of stoves (e.g. ovens, microwave ovens, cookers, hot plates, toasters, coffee and tea makers, frypans, roasters, fryers and roasters and hoods, etc.), heating and electric cooking utensils, fans. and space heating. Including the household electrothermal equipment industry, such as electric water heaters, electric blankets, electric hair care tools (dryers, combs, brushes, curling irons), electric irons, electric heating resistors and others.


Industri peralatan pemanas dan masak bukan listrik rumah tangga

The manufacture or industry of household non-electric and non-electric cooking utensils, such as cooking stoves, grills, water heaters, other cooking utensils, food warmers, dish warmers and others and non-electric space heaters, such as stoves or fireplaces.


Industri peralatan penerangan untuk alat transportasi

The manufacture of lighting equipment for motorbikes, cars, planes, boats and other means of transportation (brake lights, turn signals, interior lights and so on). Including the business of manufacturing components and equipment.


Led light industry

The business of making LED lamps, either in the form of separate LED lamps or assembled into lamps for specific needs. For example, LED flashlights, vehicles and general lighting

Closed to foreign investment

Other lighting equipment industry

Businesses in the manufacture or industry of ceiling-mounted lighting equipment, chandeliers, table lamps, Christmas tree lighting fixtures, electric fireplace rods, lanterns (fueled by carbide, electricity, gas, gasoline, kerosene). ), street lighting equipment (except traffic signs) and non-electric lighting equipment. Includes electrical lamp components such as starter, filament and reflector. The ballast industry is covered in the 27113 group

Closed to foreign investment

Industri bola lampu pijar, lampu penerangan terpusat dan lampu ultra violet

The business of manufacturing various kinds of incandescent lamps for lighting, such as bulbs excluding fittings and fixtures, photographic lighting (flash bulbs) and lighting for stage or spot lights. Including ultra violet and infra red lamps, flashlights, lighting for medical devices. The business of manufacturing lighting equipment for bicycles and motorized vehicles is included in group 27403


Industry of gas tube lamp (electric dispant lamp)

Businesses in the manufacture of various gas and discharge tube lamps, such as fluorescent lamps, helium lamps, argon lamps, sodium lamps and mercury lamps. Includes an insect electric light


Manufacture of wiring devices

The business of making fittings, switches, sockets and so on, such as conductive rods, electrical conductors (except for switchgear types), GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter), lamp holders, lightning rods and coils, plugs for electric wire devices (for example presses, pushbutton, snap, tumbler switcher), electrical outlets and sockets (sockets), boxes for electric wire equipment (such as junctions, outlets, switch boxes), cables and electrical equipment, transmission poles and line hardware and plastics for wire equipment non-current carriers including plastic junction boxes, face plates and the like and plastic pole line equipment


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