Manufacture of electronic components and boards

List of business classifications grouped under C261 - Manufacture of electronic components and boards in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Manufacture of semi conductors and other electronic components

    The manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic components, such as transistors and similar semi-conductor equipment, integrated circuits, printed circuits, inductors, resistors, capacitors and various other electronic components. These include industrial microprocessors, inductor types of electronic components (e.g. chokes, windings, transformers), electronic crystals and crystal assemblies, solenoids, switches and transducers for electronic applications, interface cards (e.g. sound (sound card), video (video card), controllers, network cards, modems), display components (plasma, polymer, LCD), light emitting diodes (LEDs), ICs or integrated circuits (analog, digital, or hybrid) and diodes. This includes the manufacture of photovoltaic cells and smartcard chips.


    Manufacture of electronic tubes and electronic connectors

    The manufacture of television picture tubes, television camera tubes, tube and valve amplifiers and receivers. Including electron tubes, electronic connectors, printer cables, monitor cables, USB cables, connectors etc., electronic valves and lamp tubes.


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