Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment

List of business classifications grouped under C25 - Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Manufacture of metal lights

The business of making various kinds of lamps whose main material is metal, such as lighthouses, press lamps and chandeliers including their components.


Manufacture of other metal goods ytdl

The business of making various kinds of metal goods, which have not been included in any subgroups such as hair clips, safety pins, stapless, paper clips, needles, sewing needles, embroidery needles and similar needles, buckle heads, metal chains, bells, frames ( trim) pictures, metal signage and various small metal articles. Includes propellers, boat chains, boat anchors, bells, attached railroad fixture, similar bandaged metal cables, non-insulated metal cables or insulated metal cables that cannot be used as electrical conductors, nails and tacks, rivets, ringles and similar threaded articles, screw machine products, tin bags, permanent metal magnets, vacuum metal bottles or jugs, metal (non-electric) marks,


Manufacture of kitchen equipment and table equipment of metal

The business of making kitchen utensils both from aluminum and non-aluminum metals such as cutlery, plates, flat plates, bowls, teapots, pans, kettle pans, pots, pots, cooking kettles, basins, basins, trays, pots and pots. the like. Includes other non-electric appliances used at the table or in the kitchen, other kitchen small appliances that are moved by hand and their accessories and metal polishing tools.

Closed to foreign investment

Industri keperluan rumah tangga dari logam bukan peralatan dapur dan peralatan meja

Businesses to manufacture appliances for other household needs both from aluminum and from non-aluminum metals such as clothespins, stairs, kitchen cabinets and others. Including industrial bathtubs, sinks (dishes), sinks and similar equipment


Profile making industry

The business of making profile steel by welding, such as the H profile (H-Beam), I profile (I-Beam) and the like.


Manufacture of wire goods

Businesses in the manufacture of various articles of metal wire, including metal wire ropes, such as barbed wire, wire fencing, wire mesh, wire nets and grills. The power and communication cable industry is included in group 27310. Includes the spring industry (other than clock springs), such as leaf springs, helical springs, torsion bar springs and sheets for springs and the chain industry (except power transmission chains).


Industri paku, mur dan baut

The business of manufacturing nails, nuts, bolts and similar threaded goods made of iron, steel, copper, aluminum and other metals.


Industrial brankas, filling offices and the like

The manufacture of metal office equipment, such as safes, filling cabinets, not including metal furniture. Including industrial safes, safes, armored doors and others.

Closed to foreign investment

Manufacture of cutting and hand tools used in households

Businesses in the manufacture of various knives, machetes or machetes, serrated knives, razors, razors, scissors, hair clipper, hair clippers, nail clippers, spoons, forks and similar utensils used in kitchens and dining tables. The kitchen utensil industry (for example, pots, pans, stoves and stoves) were included in the 25992 group


General equipment industry

Other metal manufacturing businesses that are not included in the 25931 to 25933 groups, for example keys, padlocks, door locks, hinges, latches and similar equipment for buildings, furniture and others. Including the industry of short knives or daggers, swords, bayonets and others

Closed to foreign investment

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