Manufacture of footwear

List of business classifications grouped under C152 - Manufacture of footwear in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Field engineering shoes industry or industrial needs

    Shoe-making businesses including the manufacture of parts of shoes for industrial or field engineering purposes from leather, artificial leather, rubber and plastics, such as chemical resistant shoes, heat resistant shoes, safety shoes


    Other footwear manufacture

    Other footwear manufacturing businesses that are not included in any category, such as health shoes and other shoes, for example shoes made of gedebog (banana stem midrib) and water hyacinth. Including industrial gaiters, leggings and similar items.


    Industri alas kaki untuk keperluan sehari-hari

    The business of making footwear for daily needs from leather and artificial leather, rubber, canvas and wood, such as daily shoes, casual shoes, sandals, clog sandals and slippers. Includes efforts to manufacture parts of the footwear, such as tops, insoles, outsoles, front braces, middle braces, back braces, lining and accessories from leather and artificial leather.


    Sports shoes industry

    The business of making sports shoes from leather and artificial leather, rubber and canvas, such as soccer shoes, athletic shoes, gym shoes, jogging shoes and ballet shoes. Including the business of making parts of these sports shoes, including tops, outsoles, insoles, linings and accessories


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