Manufacture of general-purpose machinery

List of business classifications grouped under C281 - Manufacture of general-purpose machinery in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Cooling machine industry

    Manufacturing refrigeration and freezer (cold storage) for commercial purposes and assembling its main components, such as display cases, dispense cases, air conditioning machines including those for motor vehicles, fans. and exhaust hoods for industrial and laboratory use including the manufacture of components and their equipment.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Manufacture of machines for other general purposes ytdl

    The manufacture of other general machines, such as fire sprinklers, filtering and cleaning machines for liquids and gases, liquid distillation units, equipment for the projection, dispersing or spraying of liquids or powders, such as spray guns, fire extinguishers, sand spraying machines, steam cleaning machines. water and others, machines for refining or rectifying for oil refineries, chemical industry, beverage industry and others, heat exchangers, machines for liquefying air or gas, gas generators, other rolling machines and their cylinders (except for metal and glass) including calendering machines (pressing machines), centrifugal machines (except for cream separators and clothes dryers), gasket and rope machines for insulation and the like made of a combination of the same material or layer of material, vending machines, ventilation fans attics (gable or wall fans, roof vents, etc.), tape meters and similar hand tools, machinist precision tools (open n optics) and non-electric soldering and soldering equipment. Including the manufacture of components and equipment.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Weighing machine industry

    The manufacture of weighing machines (not for laboratories), such as scales for shop, office and household needs, weighing devices integrated with calculators, station scales, scales for continuous weighing, weigh bridges and other scales, whether moving or not. . Including the manufacture of components and equipment.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Manufacture of machinery and other office equipment

    Businesses to manufacture various other office machines, such as toner cartridges, whiteboards, such as white boards and marker boards and dictation machines.


    Energy -powered hand tool industry

    Businesses in the manufacture of power-driven hand tools (carpentry), either with an electric motor or non-electric motor or one driven by air pressure, such as circular and reciprocating saws, hammer drills and drills, hand-driven sandbers, nailing tools ( pneumatic), buffers, routers, grinders, staplers, gun guns, planers or shavings, scissors and pincers, wrenches and powder actuated tools.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Manufacture of machinery for wrapping, bottle and canning

    The manufacture of wrapping, bottling and canning machines that function as filling, closing, sealing, wrapping and labeling in bottles, cans and boxes. Including machines for drying and cleaning beverage bottles, machines for mixing air into drinks and the like.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Office machine industry and electric accounting

    Businesses in the manufacture of various electrical accounting and office machines, such as electric calculating machines, electric typewriters, electric mimeograph machines and the like, calculators, postage meters, letter handling machines (envelope fillers, sealing and feeding machines). address, opening, sorting, scanning), checking machines, shorthand machines, binding equipment (e.g. plastic or ribbon binders), checking machines, coin counting and coin wrapping machines, pencil sharpeners, staplers and stapler cleaners, voting machines hole paper. Including the manufacturing of components and spare parts. Its maintenance and repair services are included in the group 33121.


    Industri mesin kantor dan akuntansi elektronik

    Businesses in the manufacture of various electronic office and accounting machines, such as electronic calculating machines, cash registers and the like. The business of making sub assemblies and electronic components of computing machines is included in the 26120 group.


    Photocopy machine industry

    Businesses making photocopying machines, electronic sheet machines, lightdruk machines with optical systems or contact types, including the equipment of these machines.


    Industri oven, perapian dan tungku pembakar sejenis yang menggunakan arus listrik

    Businesses in the manufacture of furnaces, ovens and other heating devices whose use requires electric current, for example electrical induction equipment for industry and laboratories including incinerators, burning furnaces, permanent electric heating equipment for mountainous areas, electric pool heaters and electric furnaces for homes. stairs. Heat control devices for food, beverages and tobacco, including non-electric ovens for bakers, are included in group 28250, while heat meters for pulp, paper and other industrial materials are included in groups 28292 and 28299.


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