Manufacture of musical instruments

List of business classifications grouped under C322 - Manufacture of musical instruments in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Traditional music equipment industry

    The business of making traditional musical instruments, both stringed, wind, drum and other instruments, such as the lute, bamboo flute, angklung, calung, kulintang, gong, gambang, drum, traditional trumpet, fiddle and tifa. Includes making whistles, call horns and other blown sound signal instruments.

    Closed to foreign investment

    The industry of music tool is not traditional

    Businesses making non-traditional musical instruments, such as stringed instruments (guitar, bass and the like), wind instruments (trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, harmonica and the like), stringed instruments (violin, cello and the like), percussion instruments (drum set, cellophone, metallophones and the like). Including the business of making piano or organ, gamitan pianica, accordion and tuning fork. The business of making microphones, loudspeakers, headphones and similar components was included in group 26420. Meanwhile, musical instruments for toys were included in group 32402.


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