Manufacture of other transport equipment

List of business classifications grouped under C30 - Manufacture of other transport equipment in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Manufacture of other transport equipment n.e.c.

The business of making transportation equipment that does not include other groups, both hand-driven vehicles and animal-drawn vehicles, such as cargo trucks, handcarts, sleds, trolleys, carts, wagon, lorries, wheelbarrows, wheel barrows, racing carts ( sulkies), donkey-drawn carts, hearses (keranda) and other means of transportation.


Manufacture of two and three wheel motorcycle components and equipment

Businesses in the manufacture of components and spare parts for two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles, such as internal combustion motors, suspensions and exhausts.

Closed to foreign investment

Industri sepeda dan kursi roda termasuk becak

The business of manufacturing and assembling various kinds of bicycles and rickshaws, such as bicycles without motorbikes, tricycles (delivery), tandems (articulated bicycles), and children's bicycles, both two-wheeled and tricycle, including the manufacture of vehicles for people with disabilities. or wheelchair, whether motorized or not.


Manufacture of bike equipment and wheel chair includes becak

Businesses in the manufacture of spare parts or components and accessories for bicycles, wheelchairs and rickshaws, such as saddles, pedals, wheels, brakes, spokes, wheels and tire ventils. Bicycle tire manufacturing businesses (outside and inside) were included in groups 22111 and 22112.


Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery

The business of manufacturing or assembling and modifying aircraft for passengers or goods, such as jet-engined aircraft, propeller aircraft, helicopters, air balloons and gliders. This group also includes the business of manufacturing aircraft for the armed forces, sport or other purposes, gliders and hang gliders, seplin or balloon driving and hot air balloons, aircraft parts and accessories, such as main assemblies such as fuselage, wings. , doors, surface controllers, landing gears, fuel tanks, nacelles and so on; propellers, helicopter rotor blades and propeller rotors; various kinds of motors and engines found in airplanes; and spare parts for turbo jets and turbo boosters for airplanes, ground training aircraft, spacecraft and launch aircraft, satellites, satellites related to planets, orbital stations, shuttles and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) or intercontinental rockets. Includes inspection and conversion of aircraft or aircraft engines and manufacture of aircraft seats.


Manufacture of military fighting vehicles

The manufacture of tanks and armored vehicles. Including the manufacture of armored amphibious military vehicles and other military warfare vehicles.


Two and three wheel motorcycle industry

The business of manufacturing and assembling a complete range of two and three-wheeled motorized vehicles, such as motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, bemos, a side-cars and the like. Including bikes equipped with motorbikes.


Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock

The business of manufacturing or assembling electric, diesel, steam and other railway locomotives; self-propelled railroad cars (self propulsion) or electric trains or trams, vans and trucks, including their maintenance or repair; railroad cars or electric trains, not self-propelled (driving themselves), such as passenger cars, freight cars, tank cars, workshop cars, crane cars, wagons and unloaders, carts and others; special railway or electric railroad or carriage spare parts, such as bogies, axles and wheels, brakes and brake parts, clutch and hook equipment, buffers and buffer parts, shock absorber, locomotive and carriage frames; body car body, connecting between corridors and others; mechanical and electromagnetic signal equipment, safety equipment and control of signs for trains, electric trains, water traffic, roads, parking facilities, airfields and others; mine locomotives and mine rail vehicles; and train seats.


Manufacture of equipment, equipment and ship parts

The business of manufacturing equipment, equipment and ship parts, such as hull equipment, deck machine work accommodation, rudder and loading and unloading equipment.

Closed to foreign investment

Building of pleasure and sporting boats

The business of making yachts and boats for leisure and sports, such as inflatable boats and rafts that can be filled with air, boats or yatches with or without motor propulsion, motor boats, hovercraft for recreation, private water vehicles, boats for other sports and cruises, such as canoeing, kayaking, rowing boats, canoes and others.


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