Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles

List of business classifications grouped under C293 - Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Manufacture of spare parts and accessories of four or more wheel motors

    Businesses in the manufacture of components and parts for four or more wheeled motor vehicles, such as leaf sporing, radiators, fuel tanks, muffles, brakes, gearboxes or persnelling, axles, road wheels, suspension shock absorbers, radiators, silencers, exhaust pipes, converter catalyst, clutch, steering wheel, steering column system and steering box; spare parts and accessories for motor vehicle body, such as seat belts, doors, bumpers, airbags; car seats; motorized electrical equipment, such as generators, alternators, spark plugs, ignition wiring harnesses or starters, automatic door and window opening systems, installation of the meter into the instrument panel, voltawse control; and others.

    Closed to foreign investment

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