Manufacture of plastics products

List of business classifications grouped under C222 - Manufacture of plastics products in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Fittings and household equipment manufacture (not including furniture)

    Businesses that manufacture plastic household items, such as mats, carpets, buckets, toothbrushes, vases and other household appliances. Including the tableware, kitchenware and plastic toilet goods industry as well as the elastic floor covering industry, such as vinyl, linoleum and so on.


    Manufacture of goods and engineering equipment or industry of plastic

    The business of manufacturing technical or industrial goods and equipment from plastics, such as plastic machine parts, bottles, pipes and plastic cabinets for engineering or industrial purposes. Including the conveyer belt industry.


    Manufacture of other plastic goods ytdl

    The business of making goods that have not been classified anywhere, such as office or educational equipment, medical or laboratory equipment from plastics, films or sheets of cellophane, artificial stone from plastic, signs from plastic (not electricity), various goods. plastics, such as headgear, insulating equipment, parts of lighting equipment, office or school items, clothing items (if only sealed or put together, not sewn), furniture fittings, sculptures, plastic adhesive tapes, plastic wallpaper , plastic shoe covers, plastic cigar and cigarette holders, combs, plastic curling irons, plastic fun items and so on. Including the manufacture of goods from plastic foam. The manufacture of sporting goods goods was included in the group 32300.


    Manufacture of plastic pipes and accessories

    The business of making pipes and hoses from plastics, such as PVC or PE or PP pipes and PVC or PE or PP plastic hoses. Includes plastic tubes and plumbing fittings


    Manufacture of sheet plastic goods

    Plastic sheet manufacturing businesses, such as plastic sheets of various types of PE or PP or PVC, imitation leather, formica, plastic glass and other plastic sheets. Includes plastic plates, plastic sheets, plastic blocks, films, foils, plastic scraps, etc. (whether or not self-adhesive)


    Manufacture of goods from plastic to packaging

    The business of making plastic packaging, such as plastic bags or bags, plastic sacks or sacks, cosmetic packaging, film packaging, drug packaging, food packaging and other plastic packaging (containers, bottles, boxes, boxes, shelves and others. ).


    Manufacture of goods from plastic to buildings

    Businesses making plastic goods for buildings, such as doors, windows, mats, shutters, blinds, plastic skirting boards, tanks, plastic water reservoirs, floor coverings, plastic walls and ceilings in rolls or sheets. and plastic cleaning equipment, such as plastic curtains, showers, washbasins, lavatory pans, flushing basins and others

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