Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock

List of business classifications grouped under C302 - Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock

    The business of manufacturing or assembling electric, diesel, steam and other railway locomotives; self-propelled railroad cars (self propulsion) or electric trains or trams, vans and trucks, including their maintenance or repair; railroad cars or electric trains, not self-propelled (driving themselves), such as passenger cars, freight cars, tank cars, workshop cars, crane cars, wagons and unloaders, carts and others; special railway or electric railroad or carriage spare parts, such as bogies, axles and wheels, brakes and brake parts, clutch and hook equipment, buffers and buffer parts, shock absorber, locomotive and carriage frames; body car body, connecting between corridors and others; mechanical and electromagnetic signal equipment, safety equipment and control of signs for trains, electric trains, water traffic, roads, parking facilities, airfields and others; mine locomotives and mine rail vehicles; and train seats.


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