Manufacture of special-purpose machinery

List of business classifications grouped under C282 - Manufacture of special-purpose machinery in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Other special property machine manufacture

    The industry of various other special industrial machines that have not been included in the previous group, such as machines for working rubber or soft plastics or for the manufacture of products from these materials, such as extrude machines, printers, machines for making air tires (pneumatic) or tires for retreading, other machines for the manufacture of plastic or specialty rubber products, printing and bookbinding machines and machines for printing support on a wide variety of materials, machines for producing tiles, bricks, cut ceramic adhesives, pipes, graphite electrodes, chalk, cast iron molds and others, semi-conductor factory machines, industrial robots performing various tasks for special purposes, machines for assembling electric lamps and electronic lamps, tubes or light bulbs, machines for producing or hot work of glass or articles of glass, glass fibers or threads and machines or equipment for isotopic separation, tire straightening and balancing equipment (except wheel balancers), central lubrication systems, airplane gearboxes (launching gear), carrier catapults and related equipment, automatic bowling alley equipment (pin-setters), roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries, amusement rinks or other games and other special machines.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Manufacture of needle, knitting, embroidery and the like

    The manufacture of needles for sewing machines, knitting, embroidery and the like.


    Manufacture of preparation and leather product manufacturing machinery

    The manufacture of machinery for leather products, such as machines for preparing, tanning, or working leather or hides and machines for making or repairing footwear or other products from leather, hides and furs.


    Printing machine industry

    The manufacture of printing machines, such as simple press machines, cylinder press machines, rotary press machines and other printing machines. Including printing equipment and binding machines, such as book sewing machines, spiral binding machines and page numbering machines.


    Paper factory machine industry

    The manufacture of paper mill machines, such as machines for processing pulp, paper and cardboard such as pulp making machines, paper and paperboard making machines, wood drying machines, pulp, paper or paperboard, and machines for the manufacture of goods from paper or paper board, such as paper cutting machines, envelope makers, paper bags and the like and other machines


    Manufacture of sewing machines as washing machines and drying machines for niaga purposes

    The manufacture of sewing machines and sewing machine heads, both for household and commercial purposes, including the manufacture of overlock machines, embroidery machines, oversum machines and machines for laundry and dry cleaning (washing machines, drying machines, ironing machines and others). The manufacture of washing machines, dryers and the like for household use is included in group 27510.


    Textile machine industry

    The business of manufacturing textile machines, such as fiber processing preparation machines, spinning machines, fabric preparation machines, weaving machines, knitting machines, fabric error checking machines, finishing machines, convection machines and the like.


    Manufacture of mining, quaranting and construction machinery

    The manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction activities, such as lifting and conveying equipment (such as conveyors), machines for filtering, sorting, separating, washing, crushing mineral materials, drilling, cutting and machinery. tunnels and sinking (whether for underground use or not), tractors used in mining and construction activities, earthmoving machines, such as bulldozers, angle dozers, graders, scrapers, levelers, shovels, loading shovels and accessories, and various machines for construction activities, concrete and mortar mixing machines, pile-driver machines and pile extractors, mortar and asphalt spreaders, concrete surface grinders and others, tracklaying tractors and tractors used in construction or mining, bulldozer blades and angle dozers and trucks off-road dumping. Including the manufacture of parts or components and accessories. The manufacture of tractors for agriculture was included in the group 28210.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco processing machines

    The manufacture of machines for processing various foods, beverages and tobacco, such as food and milk processing machines, agricultural drying machines, cream separators, milk processing machines (such as homogenizers), milk converting machines (for example cheese makers, and printers). cheese) and cheese making machines (e.g. homogenizers, printing, pressing), machines for the rice or grain milling industry, such as machines for cleaning, selecting or sorting grain or dried legumes and vegetables (winnowing machines, filter strips, separators, grain brushing machines and others); and machinery for producing flour and foodstuffs and others (grain milling machines, filters, flour sieves, fillers, blenders, rice bran cleansers, rice mills, peanut crushers and others), wine and fruit juice making machines, bread, noodle and spaghetti making machines and the like such as bread ovens, mixers, dough makers, molds, cutters, bread making machines and others, cigarette making machines and various other food processing machines. Including machines for the bakery industry or macaroni making, machines and equipment for the processing of various foods, such as machines for making confectionery, cocoa or chocolate, machines for the sugar industry, machines for brewing beer, machines for processing meat and poultry, machines for processing fruit - ingredients, nuts and vegetables, machines for processing fish, shellfish and other marine products; machines for refining and refining; and other machinery for the food and beverage industry and processing; oil extraction and processing machines and animal and plant weaknesses; machinery for processing tobacco and for the manufacture of cigarettes and cigars or for pipe tobacco or chewing tobacco or snuff; food processing machines in hotels and restaurants.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Manufacture of cabinets sewing machine

    The manufacture of sewing machine cabinets, whether made of wood, plywood or metal.


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