Manufacture of textiles

List of business classifications grouped under C13 - Manufacture of textiles in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Other textile industry ytdl

Other textile industry businesses that are not yet included in any textile industry category, such as rubber threads, metal threads and fabric pipes or hoses and others.


Fabric industry tire

The business of manufacturing tire fabrics from high strength synthetic yarns, such as nylon tire fabrics and polyester tire fabrics

Closed to foreign investment

Kapuk industry

The kapok processing business.

Closed to foreign investment

Band fabric industry (narrow fabric)

Businesses in the manufacture of ribbon fabrics, such as ribbons, label fabrics, valcro, badges and tulle fabrics.


Industries that produce industrial needs fabric

Businesses in the manufacture of cloth coated or covered or impregnated with plastic or rubber and subsequently used for industrial purposes, such as tarpaulin, sail cloth, tent cloth, umbrella cloth, canvas for painting and imitation leather from textile media. The imitation leather industry with media other than textiles is included in group 15114

Closed to foreign investment

Non woven industry (not woven)

The fabric industry that is made without using any weaving or knitting processes, such as felt, felting and felt.

Closed to foreign investment

Manufacture of carpets and rugs

Businesses in the manufacture of carpets and rugs and the like, which are made of fibers, whether natural, synthetic or blended fibers, whether through weaving, tufting, braiding, flocking and needle punching. Including the industry of floor covering made of lakan or felt made of needle loom. Carpets made of cork, rubber or plastic materials are assigned to groups 16299, 22191 or 22210 respectively. Floor cloths with a hard surface coating are included in groups 13999


Industri tali

The business of making various kinds of ropes, whether made from natural fibers or synthetic fibers or mixed fibers, such as hemp ropes, jute ropes (jute), sisal ropes (agave), raffia ropes and nylon ropes.


Manufacture of rope items

Businesses making goods from ropes, such as fishing nets, fishing nets, boat ropes, shoelaces, stove wicks and lamp wicks, whether made from natural fiber ropes, synthetic fiber ropes or mixed fiber ropes.


Goni sack industry

The business of making gunny sacks


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