Manufacture of tobacco products

List of business classifications grouped under C12 - Manufacture of tobacco products in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Industri bumbu rokok serta kelengkapan rokok lainnya

    The tobacco processing industry that has not been classified elsewhere, such as the homogenization or reconstitution industry of tobacco and smoked tobacco. Including the manufacture of cigarette seasonings, as well as other cigarette accessories, such as rhubarb, cigarette or tobacco sauce, uwur, klobot, kawung and the manufacture of filters.


    Other cigarette industries

    Other cigarette manufacturing businesses, apart from kretek or white cigarettes, such as cigars, rhubarb cigarettes and klobot or kawung cigarettes, sliced ​​tobacco (TIS), cigars, and other tobacco processing products (HPTL). Including the pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and snuff tobacco industries.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Drying and tobacco processing industry

    The tobacco leaf drying business by smoking or in other ways including the tobacco leaf chopping business.


    White cigarette industry

    Businesses in the manufacture of white cigarettes that do not contain a clove component. The business of wrapping or packing white cigarettes without manufacturing cigarettes is included in the 82920 group.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Kretek industry

    The business of making kretek containing chopped tobacco, krosok rajang, chopped cloves, and additional flavoring ingredients, which produce a distinctive flavored mixture, rolled with various wrapping materials (ambri or papir or tipping). Including the hand-rolled kretek, filter-hand kretek, and machine-made kretek industries. Cigarette wrapping or packing businesses without manufacturing cigarettes are included in the 82920 group

    Closed to foreign investment

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