List of business classifications grouped under C - Manufacturing in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Installation of industrial machinery and equipment

The installation or installation of industrial machines and equipment, such as installation or installation of industrial machines in factories, industrial process control or control equipment and other industrial equipment (communication equipment, mainframes and similar computers, irradiation and electromedical equipment and others), demolition. large-scale machines and equipment, millwright activities, machine rigging and bowling alley equipment assembly services.


Aircraft reparation

Repair and maintenance of aircraft (except for industrial alteration, inspection and rebuilding), aircraft engines and their equipment in class 303.


Other repair transportation equipment, not motor vehicles

Repair and maintenance of other means of transportation not motorbikes and bicycles (subgroup 3092), such as repair and maintenance of war vehicles, horse carts and animal-drawn carriages and other similar means of transportation.

Closed to foreign investment

Repair of other equipment

Repair of other equipment, such as repair of fishing nets, rope nets, ropes, canvas and tarp, fertilizer and chemical storage bags, wooden pallets, shipping drums and similar barrels, pinball machines and operated game machines. with coins, organ and other historic musical instruments.


Other electrical equipment reparation

The repair and maintenance of other electrical equipment in categories 273, 274 and 279, such as repair and maintenance of electric lighting equipment, current and non-current carrying wire equipment for electrical wiring circuits and other similar electrical equipment.


Repair of ships, boats and floating buildings

Repair and maintenance services for transportation equipment in class 301, such as repair and maintenance services for ships, boats, yachts, ships or boats for recreational and sports purposes and the like. Including repair and maintenance services and modification of offshore buildings.

Closed to foreign investment

Reparasi lokomotif dan gerbong kereta

Repair and maintenance services for locomotives and railroad cars and other rail vehicles (except for the rebuilding and conversion industry) in category 302.


Photographic and optical equipment reparation

Repair and maintenance of photographic and optical equipment in the 267 category, if mainly used commercially, such as repair and maintenance of binoculars, microscopes (except electron, proton microscopes), telescopes, prisms and lenses (except ophthalmic), photographic equipment and the like.

Closed to foreign investment

Electric motor reparations, generators and transformers

The repair and maintenance of machines and equipment produced in class 271, such as repair and maintenance of power engines, distribution and in particular transformers, electric motors, generators and motor generator sets, switch and switchboard equipment, relay equipment and industrial controllers.

Closed to foreign investment

Reparasi baterai dan akumulator listrik

Repair and maintenance of batteries and accumulators of electric motors and others included in the 272 category.


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