Office administrative, office support and other business support activities

List of business classifications grouped under N82 - Office administrative, office support and other business support activities in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Debt collection and credit bureau activities

Activities for collecting claims payments and sending payments intended for customers, such as collection services for invoices or credit payable. This group also includes information gathering activities such as credit and employment records of individuals and business records and providing information to financial institutions, retailers and other institutions with an interest in evaluating the feasibility of providing credit to individuals and companies.

Closed to foreign investment

Packaging activities

Packaging services on a fee or contract basis, whether or not an automated process is used. Including bottling of drinks and food, packaging of solid objects (blister packaging, wrapping with aluminum foil and others), packaging of drugs and medicinal ingredients, labeling, affixing stamps and giving stamps, packaging parcels or gifts and wrapping gifts. Including canning and the like. Packing services for transportation activities are included in the corresponding groups 52291 to 52299.


Other business support service activities n.e.c.

The activities of other business support service providers that cannot be classified elsewhere, such as court report services and stenotype notes and shorthand services for the public, live television services for meetings and conferences, bar code addressing services, bar code printing services, fundraising organization services on the basis of remuneration or contracts, mail sorting services, storage services, parking fees using meter coins, independent auction activities, administration of loyalty programs, and other supporting activities provided for businesses that are not classified elsewhere.


Activity call center

Call center service businesses, such as Inbound Call Centers, answering calls from customers by human operators, automated call distribution, telephone and computer integration, interactive voice response systems or similar methods of receiving requests, providing information products relating to requests for customer assistance or channeling complaints or complaints from customers; Outbound Call Centers, use similar methods to sell or market goods or services to potential customers, conduct market research or public opinion polls and similar activities to customers.

Closed to foreign investment

Meeting organizers, incentive travels, conferences and exhibitions

Efforts to organize, promote and or or manage events, such as services for a group meeting of people (statesmen, entrepreneurs, scholars, etc.). This group also includes service businesses that plan, compile and organize incentive travel programs and service businesses that plan and organize trade and business fairs, conventions, conferences and meetings or meetings. This activity is also called MICE services (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions).

Closed to foreign investment

Event organizer

Event organizer activities that organize a series of events, starting from the process of conceptualization, planning, preparation, execution until a series of events are completed in order to help clients realize their expected goals through a series of events held. Event organizer service is organizing an event based on the work guidelines and concept of the event and managing it professionally. EO activities that are covered by this group are wedding EO, birthday parties and similar events

Closed to foreign investment

Combined office administrative service activities

The provision of a mix of day-to-day office administration services, such as reception, financial planning, record keeping and accounts billing, personnel services and correspondence.


Photocopying, document preparation and other specialized office support activities

The activities of special service providers to support offices or other companies that cannot be classified elsewhere, such as document preparation, document editing and correction, typing, word processing or desktop publishing, secretariat support services, document recording and other secretariat services, letter writing. or summary, mailbox rental and other postal and correspondence services (except direct mail advertising), photocopying services, duplication, blue printing, word processing services, other document copying services that also provide printing services, such as offset printing, fast printing, printing digital and prepress printing

Closed to foreign investment

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