Other human health activities

List of business classifications grouped under Q869 - Other human health activities in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Health support activities

    Health support service activities that are managed both by the government and the private sector, such as health laboratories (X-Ray laboratories and other diagnostic image centers and blood testing laboratories and others), pharmacy warehouses, eye banks, blood banks, sperm banks, transplant banks. organs and other medical support services

    Closed to foreign investment

    Transportation activities specifically for the transport of the sick (medical evacuation)

    The special transportation business for the sick such as airplanes, ambulances and others based on certain circumstances with the aim of cities or provinces in the country.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Health service activities that are performed by paramedis

    Health care and physical treatment activities carried out by paramedics, such as the services of nurses, midwives, physiotherapy, optometry, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, chiropody, homeopathy, chiropractic, medical massage, acupuncture and so on. Includes individual activities of dental health paramedics such as dental health therapy, dental school nurses and dental attendants who can work alone but are still regularly supervised by dentists, and dental artisan activities.


    Traditional health services activities

    Health care activities and traditional physical medicine performed by shamans, healers, shinse and so on


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