Other manufacturing

List of business classifications grouped under C32 - Other manufacturing in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Other processing industries ytdl

The business of making goods that are not classified elsewhere, such as signage, billboards (display boards or lights), all kinds of umbrellas, smoking pipes, badges, trophies, medals, stamps, sticks, lampshades, candles, all kinds of buttons, brooms, palm fiber brushes, cigar and betel holders, smoking pipes, combs, perfume sprays, vacuum bottles and vacuum vessels for personal or household use, wigs (wigs), fake beards, false eyelashes and more which has not been included in other categories, including the making of matches from metal and the manufacture of imitation jewelry, dolls used by tailors to wear clothes, coffins. Making the lamp axis included in the group 13942.

Closed to foreign investment

Crafts industry ytdl

The business of making handicraft items from plant and animal materials, such as coconut tree crafts, shells, fibers, roots, skins, ivory, horns, bones, fur, hair, preserved animals, taxidermy activities (filling animal skins with cotton and others so that they look like live animals), flower garlands, flower arrangements in the shape of circles and flower baskets; artificial flowers, fruit and foliage and items of painting. Including the business of making handicraft items from fish shells and shellfish, both from pearl shells such as Pinctada maxima shells, mabe shells (semi-round pearls), and other shells.

Closed to foreign investment

Equipment industry for safety protectors

The business of manufacturing equipment for safety protection, such as protective clothing and fire protection clothing, wire harness and other work belts, buoys, hard plastic caps (building helmets) and other safety equipment made of plastic (sports helmets). and all kinds of similar helmets), fire protection clothing, metal headgear and other personal metal safety equipment, ear and nose plugs (eg for swimming and nose guards) and gas masks.

Closed to foreign investment

Coconut fiber industry

The business of processing coconut coir into raw materials, such as cocofiber (coconut coir), cocopeat (coconut coir powder), Rubberized Curl Coir (RCC), and others. Example: cocofiber is used for the manufacture of car seats, spring beds, and others and cocopeat is usually used for plant media, and others.

Closed to foreign investment

Manufacture of medical and dental equipment and other equipment

Businesses for the manufacture of medical and dental equipment and other equipment not covered by groups 32501 to 32503, such as sterile cloth and threads and tissue paper for surgery, cement and dental fillings (except for denture adhesives 20232), dental waxes and preparations. other dental plaster, bone reconstruction cement.


Manufacture of writing and image tools including accessories

The business of making various kinds of writing and drawing tools including equipment, such as black pencils, colored pencils, pens, boll point pens, pen handles, screen printing pens, compasses, drawing brushes, writing stones, drawing tables, rapido, screen printing, letraset. and crayons. Including making watercolors and oil paints.


Writing or image banding machine manufacture

The business of making various kinds of writing or drawing ribbons, such as typewriter ribbons, computer printing ribbons and other writing machine ribbons.


Manufacture of medical and dental equipment, orthopaedic and prosthetic equipment

The manufacture of equipment and supplies for medical examinations, surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicine, such as electrocardiographs, dental drills, eye test equipment (including reflectors, endoscopes, etc.), syringes, sterilization equipment, equipment. massage, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, artificial respiration equipment, orthopedic and prosthetic equipment (crutches, surgical belts and trussers, orthopedic corsets and shoes and others), medical thermometers, dental laboratory burners, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines, distillation equipment laboratory, laboratory centrifuges, bone plates and screws, syringes, syringes, catheters, cannulas and so on,dental equipment (including dentist examination chairs that are integrated with other dentist equipment), artificial teeth and so on made in a dental laboratory, artificial eyes made of glass and other artificial body equipment, such as false eyes, false skulls and internal parts fake body.


Eye glass industry

Businesses in the manufacture of various ophthalmic items and glasses and frames, such as vision aids glasses, sunglasses and safety googles (glasses for dust protection, swimming, diving, welding). . Including the manufacture of lenses for glasses and contact lenses.


Industri furnitur untuk operasi, perawatan kedokteran dan kedokteran gigi

The manufacture of furniture or furniture for surgery, nursing, dentistry and veterinary activities, such as operating tables, hospital beds with mechanical equipment and chairs for dental examinations and treatments.


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