Other professional, scientific and technical activities

List of business classifications grouped under M74 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Other professional, scientific and technical activities ytdl

Other professional, scientific and technical activities that are not classified elsewhere, such as agricultural science consulting services (agronomist), environmental consulting, other technical consultancy and consulting activities other than architectural, engineering and management consultancy. This includes lifting valuable objects from the sinking ship's cargo. This group also includes activities carried out by agents or representatives on behalf of individuals who are normally involved in the creation of moving images, theater productions or other entertainment or sporting attractions and the placement of books, games (plays, music and others), art, photography and others, with publicers, producers and others.


Air transport activities specifically for protection, surveys and mapping

Air transport activities for photo shoots, surveys and special mapping by aircraft based on specific aims and objectives with the aim of cities or provinces in the country.


Translator or interpreter activities

The activities of translating from the source language into the target language, including the parameters of term equivalence, sense of language, culture, and others.


Aktivitas konsultasi bisnis dan broker bisnis

Businesses providing advice and operational assistance to the business world, such as business brokerage activities that regulate the buying and selling of small and medium-sized businesses, including professional practice, patent brokerage activities (regulatory buying and selling of patents), valuation activities other than real estate. and insurance (for antiques, jewelry and others), auditing accounts and information on the rates of goods or cargo, measuring quantity activities and weather forecasting activities. Does not include real estate brokers


Specialized design activities

The activities of providing specialized design services, such as fashion designing related to textiles, apparel, shoes, jewelry, furniture and other interior decorations and other fashion items such as personal or household items; industrial designer, namely the creation and development of designs and specifications that optimize the use, value and appearance of products, including the determination of materials, construction, mechanisms, shapes, colors and surface finishes of products, approaches to human needs and characteristics, safety, market recognition and efficiency in production, distribution, use and production; graphic design activities, interior designer activities and interior decorator activities


Photographic activities

Photography or photo shoots, whether for personal or business purposes, such as photography for passports, schools, weddings and others; photography for commercial, publication, fashion, real estate or tourism purposes; aerial photography (aerial photography) and video recording for events such as weddings, meetings and others. Other activities are the processing and printing of the photoshoots, including washing, printing and enlargement of the film negatives or cine-film taken by clients; film washing and photo printing laboratories; photo shop (photo washing place) one hour (not part of the camera shop); Slide mounting and duplicating and restoring or modifying are slightly transparent in relation to photography. It also includes photojournalism activities and making microfilm from documents. Film production for cinema and video and their distribution are included in the 591 category.


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