Other service activities

List of business classifications grouped under S - Other service activities in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Currency activities and ybdi’s activities

Funeral services and activities, such as digging graves, providing hearses, burials and cremation of human or animal corpses and related activities, such as services for preparing bodies for burial or cremation (cremation) and embalming and burial, providing funeral services or cremation and space leasing in burial grounds, rental or sale of graves and grave care and matters relating to the funeral process to serve the community.


Clothing version activities

The clothing vermak business, which serves the general public for commercial purposes.


Aktivitas jasa perorangan lainnya ytdl

Other personal service businesses, such as shoeshine, masseuse, fortune teller, road guide on the basis of remuneration, marriage consultation. Includes astrological and spiritual activities; escort services, dating services, services from marriage agencies; pet maintenance services such as grooming, fostering and training pets whether with accommodation or not; hereditary or genealogical organization; coolies or laborers transporting goods, car parkers and others; concession operations of coin operated machines (photo rooms, weighing machines, blood pressure checking machines, coin operated lockers); public toilet management activities; Shrimp shelling services, crab or small crab peeling services,


Aktivitas spa (sante par aqua)

A care service business that provides services with a combination of water therapy methods, aromatherapy massage, spices, healthy eating or drinking services, and physical activity with the aim of balancing body and soul while maintaining the traditions and culture of the nation.


Other fitness activities

Service businesses related to physical fitness and comfort, such as Turkish baths, sauna and steam baths, solariums or sun baths, reducing and slendering salons, and fish spas.


Animal activity

Services for washing and dry cleaning, laundry, dyeing and filling of finished textile goods (including those made from animal hair) and other textiles for household and individual industrial purposes, carried out with mechanical equipment, either hand operated or with coins, such as tablecloths, bedspreads, carpets, as well as clothing and finished textile articles. Including activities for washing (shampooing) the carpet, and rug and curtain curtains; laundry collection and delivery services; services for providing linen, work uniforms and other goods related to laundry; repair and alteration or minor alteration of clothing or other textiles related to washing.

Closed to foreign investment

Reparation of other households and personality

Specialized businesses in the repair of household and other personal goods not classified elsewhere, such as bicycles, clothing, jewelry, watches, wall clocks and their parts, sports equipment (except sports rifles), books, musical instruments, toys and similar items, personal and other household items. Includes a piano tuner.

Closed to foreign investment

Hair printing activities

Barber and hair care services businesses that serve the general public, as well as trimmers of mustaches, sideburns and beards, which are usually performed by individuals. Generally for men, like a barber shop.

Closed to foreign investment

Aktivitas salon kecantikan

Hair care and beauty care services, such as facial and facial skin care, facial massage, make-up, manicure, pedicure, washing, fireplace and cutting, styling, dyeing, coloring, curling, straightening and similar activities for men's hair. and women's and similar salon services.

Closed to foreign investment

Massage order activities

A business that provides a place and facilities for massage as a principal business and can be complemented by the provision of food and drink services. For example, a Clean, Healthy Massage Studio.


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